Signs You Need to Have Your Facility’s Environment Tested

Whether you are a homeowner, a building manager for a commercial property, or a contractor, we know that keeping yourself, your clients, and your residents safe and healthy is your top priority, so here are a few signs that you should have the environment of your facility tested.

Occupant Discomfort

One of the most evident signs that your facility needs to be tested comes from the tenants themselves. If you or other occupants in a building notice strange odors or begin experiencing allergic reactions, it could be a sign that you are experiencing poor air quality or other environmental concerns. Allowing environmental specialists to collect samples and run tests can help to diagnose this problem and resolve any occupant discomfort.

Visible Hazards

While many environmental concerns are not visible, you should note any physical changes in your building, such as the appearance of mold, and immediately call in a professional to collect samples. Not all mold is hazardous, but having the environment tested can give you peace of mind and ensure that no health risks are present.

Overdue Inspections

Due to the dangers associated with environmental hazards, agencies such as the EPA and OSHA have outlined when you should perform routine environmental testing. If you are overdue to complete a survey or inspection of your property, it’s highly recommended that you test your facility’s environment immediately. Not only does this help you adhere to regulations, it also ensures that you are made aware of any concerns as soon as possible so that you can address potential problems before they worsen.

Documented Sickness

If anyone within your building or worksite has a documented sickness related to potential environmental hazards, such as elevated lead blood levels, the environment at your facility should be immediately tested. Completing environmental testing can help establish if the exposure occurred in your facility or not, and can help you protect the safety of all other inhabitants.

While there are many clear signs that it’s time to test your facility, proactive environmental testing is the best way to maintain a safe environment. Problems such as mold, asbestos, or lead are not always immediately visible, and should be handled exclusively by professionals. Experts will be able to accurately identify if hazardous conditions exist and will work with you to establish a plan for resolving any environmental issues as early as possible.

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