Why partner with a woman owned business?

For almost 30 years Environmental Testing and Consulting has been a woman-owned business. After a lengthy national certification process, we’re thrilled to announce our WBENC Status! ETC is a proud WBENC partner, and believes in this program. This program allows ETC to increase the worth of our partnerships with old and new clients alike!  

So here’s 3 overlooked benefits of pairing with a WBENC certified business!

1.) Revitalize your bottom line. These days most companies have some sort of Supplier Diversity program. As a part of these programs, they are looking to bring in business partners that are diverse.   Research shows that companies that embrace supplier diversity may a 130% ROI. By partnering with WBENC businesses, you increase your appeal to larger corporations with Supplier Diversity requirements.  

2.) Tax Incentives The US government offers tax breaks for companies who do business with minority and women-owned companies. There is also a second tax incentive that is lesser known. When work is paid for by a federal loan or grant, there are incentives to using women-owned businesses. There may also be state and local incentives that focus on supplier diversity!  

3.) Get the word out! When you partner with a WBENC company it may give you a competitive advantage in the future. Corporations and suppliers look for companies that work with WBE’s.  Not to mention Second Tier Sourcing! Second Tier Sourcing is subcontracting suppliers to support a prime contractors fulfillment.    

By utilizing women-owned businesses, companies show their commitment to fostering diversity. This is important when doing business with large corporations, government agencies, etc. Not to mention, women-owned businesses love to do business with one another and support the cause one of the widest growing demographics in the nation! By partnering and subcontracting a WBENC company, you may appeal to fortune 500 companies with strict diversity plans!

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