The Value of Comprehensive Environmental Solutions

Environmental Testing and Consulting (ETC) prides itself in offering comprehensive services that are as thorough as necessary and completely customizable to the needs of the customer. Being able to utilize a singular business for all your testing, analysis, and remediation needs is extremely valuable, as it ensures that your environmental solutions are as efficient as possible.


Whether you are a homeowner, the owner of a commercial building, a rental property owner, or a contractor, ETC offers a variety of testing services – lead, asbestos, mold, air monitoring, etc. It can be immensely beneficial to have a single company conduct testing and inspect the building or worksite thoroughly. Having a strong knowledge base of health codes and regulations allows these investigations to be thorough and accurate for each customer’s unique needs.


Another benefit of a comprehensive environmental and consulting company is that they’re able to also handle all necessary laboratory testing. At ETC specifically, samples are sent to a partnering lab for thorough analysis. This analysis is what allows consultants to recommend the best remediation practices to ensure your building or site stays up to code and all occupants or workers remain safe.

Remediation Planning

Identifying the existence of environmental hazards is only half of the story. Once these are identified, a plan of action must be put into place to remove, or remediate to acceptable levels, the toxins that were found. Experienced consultants can recommend the best course of action to resolve your environmental concerns as thoroughly and efficiently as possible and can provide focused suggestions for what levels must be reached to stay in compliance with regulations.

Utilizing a full-service firm, like ETC, for all your environmental testing and consulting needs ensures that you get an in-depth environmental solution. Instead of having to employ multiple companies to inspect your site, conduct environmental testing, analyze samples, and make recommendations for next steps, a comprehensive agency is able to perform all these services as time-efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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