Get Your Certificate of Compliance for Rental Properties in Detroit

Making Compliance Easy

ETC has helped landlords achieve compliance since the inception of the lead paint ordinance. Trusted by the city, we have also supported landlords through the Detroit Landlord Training Program


Initial Rental Inspection

For Single Family and Duplex -The initial inspection makes sure your rental property is up to safety and maintenance standards.

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Reinspections are required for properties with violations- This checks that any problems from the first visit have been fixed.

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Additional Follow-Up Inspection

If there are still issues after the reinspection, the additional follow-up inspection ensures everything is finally up to code.

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It's our goal to help you pass inspection! Download this checklist to see what we'll be looking for!

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We're proud to partner with the City of Detroit to offer cost-free training for small scale landlords and local contractors!


Need a lead based paint inspection, lead clearance, or not sure what you need? We've got your back.