Do You Have a Sick Building?

With the winter season, spending time inside increases, as does incidents attributed to “sick building syndrome” (SBS). The term sick building syndrome relates to when building occupants experience health issues and discomfort that appear to be linked to time spent in a building with no specific illness or cause identified. The reactions could be found...Continue reading

The Value of Comprehensive Environmental Solutions

Environmental Testing and Consulting (ETC) prides itself in offering comprehensive services that are as thorough as necessary and completely customizable to the needs of the customer. Being able to utilize a singular business for all your testing, analysis, and remediation needs is extremely valuable, as it ensures that your environmental solutions are as efficient as...Continue reading

Testing Requirements for Rental Property Owners

As a landlord, your rental property, and the health of its occupants, is a top priority. While a property may seem safe and healthy to the naked eye, many environmental hazards may be brewing below the surface that you’re unaware of. Conducting environmental testing ensures that these potential risks are mitigated, and also keeps you...Continue reading

What is Environmental Remediation?

Most people understand the importance of testing for the existence of mold, asbestos, lead, radon, or other harmful environmental toxins, but they may not be aware of what remediation looks like for these various hazards in homes, buildings, worksites, or properties. Environmental remediation refers to reducing or eradicating environmental toxins that have been identified, typically...Continue reading

Environmental Testing for Compliance

Environmental testing is not only an asset to any building owner, but actually a legal requirement. First and foremost, it saves lives. Identifying and eradicating potential hazards leads to a higher quality of life for building occupants and can decrease the risks of deadly health concerns significantly. This is the primary reason that so many...Continue reading

Asbestos Testing: Why It Matters

People are often knowledgeable and aware of the dangers of mold, and test for it regularly, but asbestos is a major health concern that often gets overlooked by residents and building managers. Testing for asbestos fibers not only protects the health and safety of building occupants, but also ensures that your building stays up to...Continue reading

Staying Up-to-Date on Certifications for Environmental Inspectors

Environmental inspectors are responsible for ensuring that clients’ residential, commercial, or rental properties are in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations. These are often complex and ever-evolving regulations, making it crucial that environmental inspectors stay up-to-date on certifications to remain knowledgeable in order to provide the best service to clients and customers. However,...Continue reading

Tackling Mold in the Face of Warmer Weather

While mold can exist and grow year-round, it flourishes and worsens in warm, moist, and humid temperatures. Cold temperatures keep mold somewhat at bay, but as spring rolls around, the risk for mold increases, and building inhabitants’ risk for mold-related health concerns also increases. Mold is a type of fungus that can be present visually...Continue reading

The Benefits of Getting Environmental Test Results FAST

We know that keeping your home, building, or business safe and toxin-free is a priority, and environmental testing is the first step to identifying potential environmental concerns and addressing them quickly. We also know that receiving environmental test results in a timely manner is crucial to the safety of both you and the occupants of...Continue reading

Protect Your Investments with Reliable Environmental Testing

ETC offers high-quality and comprehensive environmental testing and consulting, including lead-based paint inspections, lead risk assessments, and lead clearance examinations. With over 20 certified lead inspectors, ETC offers you peace of mind by keeping your facility safe, toxin-free, and legally compliant. Why do I need regular lead testing? Rental compliance guidelines for Detroit landlords require...Continue reading

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