Testimonial: Titan Environmental

Below is an interview with one of our clients, Titan Environmental, about the services provided by The ETC Group (Laboratory Division). We would like to thank Titan Environmental Services, Inc. for taking the time to provide us with their feedback!

What prompted you to seek ETL’s services? What situation or problem did you need to solve?

We were seeking an asbestos laboratory that met our time schedule and budgetary needs. ETL was referred to us by Accurate Analytical; a nearby laboratory specializing in lead analysis of dust wipes, soil, and paint chips. Accurate Analytical is a frequent vendor of Titan Environmental Services.

Why did you specifically select ETL for this project?

Initially, as a matter of convenience; as Titan Environmental Services frequently ships bulk samples for asbestos analysis; along with dust wipe/soil samples for Accurate Analytical to analyze. Accurate Analytical has offered to deliver asbestos bulk samples to ETL if our samples are shipped to them.

How did you benefit from working with ETL?

ETL has provided us with accurate laboratory results in a timely manner.

What exactly did ETL do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?

ETL has provided us with excellent customer support; in that ETL will contact us with questions about the chain of custody; and, at times when sample results had to be rushed at the last minute, ETL has been able to comply with last-minute client requests.

Describe why you feel that working with ETL was successful.

Working with ETL has been successful from a budgetary standpoint; as their pricing for sample analysis has been both competitive and reasonable. In addition we’ve been pleased with the customer service received to date.

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with ETL or not, what would you say to them?

I would highly recommend using ETL as an ACM analytical lab. The reports are concise without being too complicated for the average layman; timeliness of laboratory reports have met our timelines; and customer support has been excellent and responsive to the client.