ETC can always be counted on

ETC Testimonial: Summit Construction & Environmental Services

I would like to personally recognize Tracy Westcott and Environmental Testing & Consulting, LLC for the high quality of the Lead Based Paint Inspection Services that has been provided to Summit Construction & Environmental Services. ETC has been contracted by Summit Construction over the past 6 years to perform Lead Based Paint Inspections and Clearance Examinations on properties owned by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. ETC’s performance as a Lead Based Paint Inspection Contractor has been top notch and proven a vital part of Summit’s successful execution of HUD’s Lead Evaluation Services Contract. ETC can always be counted on to manage, schedule, and perform a high volume of inspections without fail. ETC’s managers and field inspectors demonstrate the technical knowledge of EPA and HUD Lead Paint guidelines that ensure the inspections always follow the proper protocol and standards. The results reports produced by ETC are consistently accurate, concise, and are always turned in on time. Summit Construction would like to thank ETC for their participation in the performance of these inspections and their contribution to Summit’s effective management of the contract. We look forward to our continued success working with ETC into the future.

K Henderson
Senior Project Manager
Summit Construction & Environmental Services