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Overview of Field Services

Environmental Services

ETC can help identify and quantify environmental issues, liabilities, and costs associated with acquisitions and projects, and lead our clients to better business decisions.  Our services are designed to identify potential or actual environmental liabilities and limit the owner / potential buyers interest in the property.  Potential services include:

  • Phase I ESAs (Initial pre-purchase review of potential acquisition or pre or post lease)
  • Phase II ESAs (Testing and verification of environmental liabilities for a potential acquisition)
  • Phase III Management and Oversight (Reduction / Removal of existing environmental issues)
  • BEAs and Due Care (Section 20107a) Plans (Limits buyers future liability for property)
  • Storage Tank (Compliance review and / or removal and closure of site)
  • Hazardous Materials Identification and Management
  • HUD Environmental Reviews

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Asbestos Survey & Inspection

Asbestos containing materials (ACM) are found in thousands of building products making up homes, commercial buildings and industrial work places.  Having ACM within a building does not mean that there is an immediate risk.  While asbestos can cause a variety of serious health problems, it is only a problem when the fibers become airborne and are breathed into the lungs.  In order to determine whether asbestos may be a problem in any given building, there are different services that may be helpful:

  • Asbestos Building Surveys / Inspections
  • Asbestos Specification Development and Management
  • Asbestos Air Monitoring and Project Management
  • Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Additional Asbestos Information

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Project Management / Air Monitoring / OSHA Compliance

Often when contaminants are found it becomes necessary to repair, replace, or remove these items in order to ensure occupants are not subject to unreasonable exposures. It is often appropriate to have ETC oversee/perform air monitoring and project management during these removal and remediation activities. Below is a list of project management / air monitoring and/or OSHA compliance that can be performed during these activities:

  • Asbestos Project Management / Air Monitoring
  • Lead / Cadmium Project Management / Air Monitoring
  • Negative Exposure Assessments – NEAs (Mercury, Formaldehyde, Welding Fumes, silica, asbestos, lead, etc.)
  • General OSHA Compliance Sampling

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Lead Based Paint

Lead based paint (LBP) is a surface coating that contains a certain amount of lead that is found in residential properties, school buildings, commercial buildings, industrial work sites, and many other places.  Having LBP within a building does not mean that there is an immediate risk.  While lead can cause a variety of serious health problems, it is only a problem when the painted surfaces are deteriorated or disturbed and reduced to a dust that can be either inhaled or ingested. Small children, pregnant women, and workers are most at risk of exposure to lead. In order to determine whether lead may be a problem or required by law to be inspected in any given building, there are different services that may be helpful:

  • Lead Based Paint Inspections or Limited Paint Testing
  • Lead Risk Assessments or Lead Combination Inspection/Risk Assessment
  • Lead Clearance Testing
  • Elevated Blood Lead Level Environmental Investigations

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Mold, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Sick Building Syndrome

Mold and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) problems can occur in industrial, commercial and residential buildings this may often be referred to as Sick Building Syndrome.  Common complaints include allergic reactions, health issues, odors and general discomfort. The purpose of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sampling is to identify contaminates and sources and develop a plan to remedy identified problems. Among the services ETC provides are:

  • Mold Investigations / Inspections
  • Mold Clearance Sampling
  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations / Sick Building Syndrome
  • Testing for Specific Parameters (Concerns)

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OSHA Compliance


Whenever there are hazards present, OSHA requires employers to demonstrate that their employees do not have unreasonable exposure.  Some of these exposures can be addressed by exposure monitoring as discussed under NEAs above.

Other hazards require an on-site visit to determine whether the hazards are being properly addressed.  ETC is often contracted to conduct “mock” OSHA audits of both construction sites and / or work places.

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